Printing Brochures

Look to stand out amongst the crowd with a well designed and printed brochure. Select from a wide range of paper, binding option and speciality finishes for that eye catching end product. Depending on your requirements, brochures are a very effective way to get information out to the market place or for internal business use.

Whether it be for marketing, safety, product disclosure, diaries, instruction manuals, education, annual reports, year books and more, Parmelia Print has you covered. Parmelia Print is a print specialist can assist you to create a quality printed product to the highest standard. If you after something different and need help please contact us or book an appointment with our print specialist.

Types of Folds

Select from a range of different folds. Select from a standard size or custom size. Please note their may be size and thickness restrictions, please contact our experts for additional information

Half Fold
Tri Fold
Z Fold
Gate Fold
Double Gate Fold
Roll Fold
Accordion Fold
Half Then Half Fold
Half Fold Then Tri Fold
Double Cross Fold